Mastering Bitcoin


Livro de Andreas Antonopoulos, sobre Bitcoin.


Chapter 1Introduction
What Is Bitcoin?
History of Bitcoin
Bitcoin Uses, Users, and Their Stories
Getting Started
Chapter 2How Bitcoin Works
Transactions, Blocks, Mining, and the Blockchain
Bitcoin Transactions
Constructing a Transaction
Bitcoin Mining
Mining Transactions in Blocks
Spending the Transaction
Chapter 3The Bitcoin Client
Bitcoin Core: The Reference Implementation
Using Bitcoin Core’s JSON-RPC API from the Command Line
Alternative Clients, Libraries, and Toolkits
Chapter 4Keys, Addresses, Wallets
Bitcoin Addresses
Implementing Keys and Addresses in Python
Advanced Keys and Addresses
Chapter 5Transactions
Transaction Lifecycle
Transaction Structure
Transaction Outputs and Inputs
Transaction Chaining and Orphan Transactions
Transaction Scripts and Script Language
Standard Transactions
Chapter 6The Bitcoin Network
Peer-to-Peer Network Architecture
Nodes Types and Roles
The Extended Bitcoin Network
Network Discovery
Full Nodes
Exchanging “Inventory”
Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) Nodes
Bloom Filters
Bloom Filters and Inventory Updates
Transaction Pools
Alert Messages
Chapter 7The Blockchain
Structure of a Block
Block Header
Block Identifiers: Block Header Hash and Block Height
The Genesis Block
Linking Blocks in the Blockchain
Merkle Trees
Merkle Trees and Simplified Payment Verification (SPV)
Chapter 8Mining and Consensus
Decentralized Consensus
Independent Verification of Transactions
Mining Nodes
Aggregating Transactions into Blocks
Constructing the Block Header
Mining the Block
Successfully Mining the Block
Validating a New Block
Assembling and Selecting Chains of Blocks
Mining and the Hashing Race
Consensus Attacks
Chapter 9Alternative Chains, Currencies, and Applications
A Taxonomy of Alternative Currencies and Chains
Meta Coin Platforms
Alt Coins
Noncurrency Alt Chains
Future of Currencies
Chapter 10Bitcoin Security
Security Principles
User Security Best Practices
Appendix Transaction Script Language Operators, Constants, and Symbols
Appendix Bitcoin Improvement Proposals
Appendix pycoin, ku, and tx
Appendix Available Commands with sx Tools

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